Wedding dances

Every couple wants to impress on their biggest night ever. Your wedding dance is important to you and it is important to us. Where better to learn, and build your dance-floor confidence, than at our dance Studio?

With our team you will enjoy the delights of not only mastering the moves but also choosing that special piece of music that will leave everyone in the room spell-bound.

We have two Wedding Packages available which are displayed to the right. With each package you will receive

  • A Champagne gift

    Enjoy a drink of Champagne on us. You will get a complimentary bottle from A&L Dance Academy - what better way to calm those nerves after taking your first steps onto the dance floor?

  • Music Selection

    One of the most important aspects of Wedding Dance is selection of the best piece of music for this special moment... You may wish to bring your own special song, which our teacher will listen to and then advise the dance most suitable to learn.

    Should it not be a song suitable to dance to then the teacher will have a vast selection for you to enjoy choosing from. Whichever it is, get this song right, rehearse your moves and it will be a dance to be remembered by your friends and family for a very long time.

  • Bespoke Choreography

    A&L Dance Academy caters to everyone’s individual needs, whether it’s a Michael Buble number to a heavy rock band piece, we will do our best to make your dance the greatest moment of your wedding night. Your teacher will choreograph a personal Dance routine for you having assessed the level of your basic dance skills.

    You may have a special move of your own. Don’t be afraid to tell us as we will incorporate it into your routine

  • Lessons

    The packages we prepared for you are put together with a Time Factor in mind. Some people learn fast, others little slower, some only have a few hours in their busy lives to get to the studio. Whichever way together we will come on top of those issues, and our teachers will plan the diary sensibly which leaves everybody happy.

    We hope you will enjoy this very special experience in the lead up to your wedding day and enjoy time together with your future partner. Have no fear, should you be a slow learner, or just simply want to perfect your moves more, additional lessons can be purchased

Events and demonstrations

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